Corporate Services

Try our specialized corporate services. Empower your bottom line.

Profit now! Big companies lose time and money when employees underperform. Free mind understands that. Our certified language specialists are the ultimate answer to your problem. We are here to increase your company’s efficiency, save you money, and create an amazing work force. Not only will your employees improve their language skills, but they will become empowered with improved communication skills and confidence. Join Free Mind’s program and work with our authentic and certified language specialists. We offer lifetime results, no obligation, and you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. You want results, we provide them.

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School Students

School tutoring services for a powerful and complete education

Don’t wait for another “F”! It’s time to win in school! Learn powerful techniques from our official education consultants. Don’t struggle in school anymore. Free Mind understands the frustration, anger, and cycle of defeat that poor performance in school brings. We care about your health first and want you to succeed to the fullest. Every student can be successful. Because you want to be the best you can be, contact Free Mind today!

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Language Learners

Language services to bridge communication barriers

Finally get results! Trust Free Mind official language consultants to provide amazing private and group language lessons. We implement proven teaching techniques that build basic or advanced language competence. Because you want to fulfill a lifelong goal or advance in work, contact us today!

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The Why

Our Promise to You:

1. We will not compromise.

2. We will make you as effective as possible as quickly as possible.

3. We will immerse you in your subject (eg. English) in a friendly environment that will build your confidence.


Our certified and quality consultants

At Free Mind Learning Services we take pride in the quality of work that our consultants provide.

Our powerful greater purpose: KNOWLEDGE=FREEDOM

To empower with language and knowledge means to provide freedom and options. Because we believe in and support freedom so strongly, a portion of all sales goes to a greater cause. We support the movement to end slavery through International Justice Mission (IJM)

Our unique understanding and proven services

Corporate Training: Language and Culture

Free Mind offers language training to corporate professionals through their HR, recruitment, placement or exchange departments. Check with your corporate services group to request Free Mind Learning Services as your preferred choice for language training. If you are a corporate rep, please ask about our options for in house language consulting services, including: language learning, new language learners’ business terminology training, accent reduction, language and cultural training and other preferred training offerings.

Private Training for language learners

Whether you want to learn English, French, Spanish, Mandarin or other languages, we offer proficient, and professional consultants that can provide you with the training you need to succeed. Whether you need it for school, work or simply personal reasons, there is no reason to wait any longer. Click the link below and get started today!

School Training

No matter what level of education you are seeking, Free Mind Learning Services can help you succeed. If you’re seeking help for yourself or someone in elementary school or junior/senior high school for language comprehension in any subject, Math, English, Social, Science, etc., we can give you the training you need to succeed.
If you’re in college, undergraduate or graduate studies, and need assistance with language in a specialized subject, we help with that. Our language professionals will give you the tools that you need to be successful in your studies.

Contact Us

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